After-School Sessions

After-School sessions

Our after-school sessions begin before the children arrive so we are able to welcome them and focus our full attention on their needs.  Sessions are prepared half an hour before the end of the school’s day which includes setting out the resources as we work from a weekly prepare schedule that includes children’s choices, themes and some of the school’s curriculum. Our friendly staff team work’s on building children’s self-respect, confidence and abilities.IMG_5827

Sessions consist of an assortment of art & crafts activities, various table and floor games. The staff team organised weekly activities for all of our age ranges and abilities, together with games that can be accomplished  in or outside. Staff believe that an important part of children learning is opportunity to choose what they would like to get involved with either alone or within a group.

All children are encouraged to complete their homework with the support of the team as well as individual reading to a member of staff at lease once a week.

We work very closely with Early Years and Foundation stage [EYFS] age children incorporating the prime, specific and key characteristics supporting children to choose and join in with all structured / free play activities.


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