Bullying Policy

Bully Definition – Overbearing person who habitully badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

Emotional and Verbal abuse, threats and Physical intimidation can all be seen as bullying and we continually talk with children about reporting this behaviour to us their parent or anyone they feel confortable talking too.
The service’s procedure –

1. Listen to the child / children who’s being bullied and support

2. If necessary work with child, parents and other professinal for the
child’s welfare as well as the person/s who has been comminting
the unacceptable behaviour.

3. Staff main aim is to help children understand how their actions
can effect other, sometimes into their adult life. .

4. The service’s Terms and Condition agreement clear states the
service has the right to terminate a place if policies are not be
adhere too.

5. Staff constantly reviews the services process on minimizing
bullying and work with the children on acceptable behaviour.
Reinforcing the affects of bullying and strategies they can use to
prevent and stop this happening to them and others..