Club’s Behaviour Policy

To the best of our abilities staff work hard to make sure that every child that comes through our door can feel welcome, happy and a sense of belonging and part of the club. To achieve this it is important that any negative behaviour is challenged and will not be tolerated.
Methods – Club rules are displayed at sessions.

  1. Children are involved in setting the club’s behaviour policy and helping to review them.
  2. Staff work on being good role-model as children learn from adults and we always aim for them to be in a positive environment with the focus being on building their confidences, self esteem and promoting positive attitudes.
  3. We use every opportunity as they arise to talk about feelings and ways we can learn to deal with our feelings in different situations. Fostering sharing, politeness, supporting each other and be able to express their feeling appropriate.
  4. The club uses a Reward system where children are rewarded for positive behaviour.

The Service’s Policy

  • Children involved in any incident are given the opportunity to tell their side of the story taking their age and abilitiy in to 
  • When necessary the child is asked to take time out to
 reflect on their involvement / actions. (Ages are considered)
  • Before joining the group again staff will let the child explain why they think 
their behaviour was unacceptable and how they can deal with it
 differently if it should happen again.
  • If the behaviour is serious or persist parents asked to come in to discuss a plan forward.
    Continuous negative behaviour can result in a place being
 temporary or permanent withdrawn.