We at Golden Opportunities believe that everyone is entitled to be treated with fairness, courtesy and respect.

1. Anyone who has a concern/complaint about any aspect of our service can first discuss this with the person in charge.

2. If this does not have an amicable outcome, or the problem re-occurs please make a time to speak to management. (Alison Forde) Who may ask for this to be put in writing, before the appointment.

3. Management will investigate and then meet with the person/s and any other relevant party (including any other staff member) to discuss the matter further. Complaints are investigated and complainants are notified of the outcome within 20 days from the service receiving the letter.

4. If person/s feel they need to report their concern to Ofsted, staff will do all they can to assist them.

5. Complaints are kept for at least 3 years.