Joining Us – First Day

When a child is joining us for the first time, we know for some it can be an overwhelming experience. This is one of the reasons we spend time with the child’s main carers to learn as much as we can about their character, abilities likes and dislikes, whatever will help them to feel relaxed and a happy one, incorporating some of their likes in the session’s program.

On the first day children are given the space to play and get familiar with the areas, resources and their peers. Depending on age children are shown where to put there personal items, sign-in to the register at the start of each session, snack period and how the sessions are run.IMG_5919

If they do not already have friend attending we offer a ‘Buddy scheme” where your child is paired up a child of their age for a few session or until your child feels more confident and relaxed to interacting with his/her’s chosen friend/group and always supported by staff with the aim of helping children to feel welcome.


If a child is in the reception class they are allocated a staff member known as their ‘Keyworker’. This person will monitor the child all round development working within Ofsted, EYFS procedures ‘Early Years Foundation Framework’.