It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure children are kept
free from any risks or harm regardless of their background, age, ethnicity or religion. We should all work together to protect them from any form of maltreatment.

For these reasons the service takes all possible actions to protect and keep children safe and secure. We work along side families and other professional bodies whose ethic is the same as ours the welfare of all children.

There are many forms of abuse, physical, emotional and sexual as well as neglect. Any of these can have an impact on a child’s development. For this reason the staff team are trained to recognize signs or symptoms of any possible forms of abuse and to follow strict local authority guidelines for the protection of children.

Safeguarding children is our top priority and we have appointed a designated staff member to deal with any incident that may arise. All allegations are taken seriously and passed on to the appropriate

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

1. We encourage all children to develop a positive image of themselves, life skills and a sense of independence. To establish and sustain positive relationships, respect for themselves, others as well as their environment.
2. To build their confidence in challenging any form of discrimination and the importance of why they should report incidents.
3. Be aware and recognize that abuse can take different forms
 physical, emotional, sexual as well as negativity towards others.
4. The service works in partnership with various professional to achieve our main aims – The
 safety and welfare of all children.
5. This also includes staying safe when using E-Safety items.


Ofsted details are always displayed on our noticeboard. Hertordshire Safeguarding Children Board – (HSCB)