Snack Time

IMG_5853Snack times are regarded as an important part of all our sessions, as we use this time to discuss and taste various and sometimes-unfamiliar snacks that are now readily available from around the world. We focus on promoting staying healthy, good hygiene, living a healthy life-style and how it benefits our body and our learning. We encourage the children to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, which are always on offer during their snack time. (Nut produces not allowed)

We try to offer a selection of goodies weekly giving children an opportunity to select what they like and a chance to sometimes sample new things, always remembIMG_5861ering dietary needs and any allergies for some.

We try to consider the sugar / salt and other contents in food on offer during snack at times we discuss questions like where and how some items are grown / producted , especially when it is something the children have baked themselves.

Children are encouraged to develop their independence’s by helping to serve each other, pouring, spreading their chosen fillings along with good table manners and washing-up items they have used.