Terms and Conditions

After-school & Holiday Sessions

Access to Golden Opportunities club – is only accepted following these criteria / Policies. Confirm with management regarding request availability.

a] An Application Form submitted                                                                           b] Introduction meeting with main guardian before starting date                 c] Registration £11.00 & Yearly Administration Fees £12.00

[Reg + Yearly Admin ONLY applies to After-school sessions]                                   d] Required monthly booking’s Fees paid in full once accepted.                           e] Subscribe to receive monthly online invoices

  1. Yearly Administration Fees is due every September
  2. Working Tax Credit – Various Vouchers are acceptable. [Discuss with manager]
  3. Sessions – can be booked for a complete week or individual days in a week.
  4. Fee Payments –  a] Invoices are e-mail a month in advance                 b] Payments are then due twenty days from date issued.
  5. Fee’s Late charge – A daily charge of £6.00 is added for late payments. Place/s maybe frozen until all payments are received in full, including late charges.
  6. Ad-hoc / Extra – bookings requires immediate payments £15.00, once manager has agreed availability.                                                                 Full Week’s Bookings Discount.                                                                          a] 10% discount per child – till 6.00pm.
    b] 20% discount 2 children from the same family – till 6.00pm.
  7. Permanent Changes – 2 Weeks notice must be given to the manager for any permanent changes and all payments up to date, this can only be agreed during term times. [Discuss with manager] Not the holiday
  8. Children are Not Permitted to returning to their classroom once signed in to their club session. If it is important parents will need to go to the school’s reception and ask a member of the school’s staff.


9. Cancellations – Payment is still due for cancellations or absents, once booking has been confirmed regardless of any notification given thereafter.

10. Notifying staff

a] If your child is absent – Do not expect the school to inform us, it is parent’s responsibility.
b] If child is booked onto any other after school workshop/club during our sessions. Service’s staff will take them but it is up to the workshop’s staff to make sure they are returned safely.

11. None Refund Policy – Payment is still due if the school closes for any reason beyond the service’s control, ie teacher’s strikes, adverse weather conditions, etc.

12. Collecting

a] No child age 16 and under can collect a child from our service. [Proof MUST be shown]
b] If someone unknown to staff is collecting your child prior arrangement is required. However, if this is not possible a PASSWORD [changeable each time] must be given to staff in advance. Person collecting child must re-laid password on arrival.

13. Session Lateness – Collecting a child after booked time will result in a £6.00 charge for every 5 minutes occurring.

14. Notification – 2 weeks notice has to be given to management in writing – stating your child’s full name and last day. [Fee Charges will continue]

15. Break in contract – For more than 2 months, clause 1,  [a/b] will need to be repeated.

16. Management reserves the right to amend prices periodically and to freeze or terminate places, if it is established that you are not following the service’s policies.