Unwell Child/Accidents

There is always a qualified First Aiders available at each session as part of the service terms is all staff members have to complete a Pediatric First Aid course.
If a child is feeling unwell staff do there best to make them as comfortable as possible until their parent arrive. However, if he/she is upset in pain or we feel the child maybe contagious their parents are contacted immediately to collect the child whiles they are kept away from others.
All our daily First Aid bags is accessible and always kept well stocked

Priority is always given to any head injuries; children are monitored for a while
after the incident.

Whenever an accident occurs
• Children are comforted and any cuts / bruises are treated appropriately.
• Once the child is settled, staffs complete one of our, Accident Forms detailing the incident and treatment applied, which is signed off by two staff members.
• On arrival parent are informed about the accident and asked to sign form which is later filed in the child’s file.